Interactive Voice Response

Automate voice interactions Instantly direct callers with a professionally recorded IVR for your business.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Customer calls in your company. Call is answered, not by conventional receptionist but by an electronic receptionist, an automatic attendant. The answer your customer gets is, "Welcome to XYZ Company. Dial the extension number of the department or person you want to reach" by a recorded voice. And thus it goes on giving you options.

Both simple and advanced IVR systems (press 1 / 2 / 3) can be offered, enabling organizations to communicate effectively with customers, in situations where live agents may not be appropriate.

Modern IVRS / IVR systems enable users to interact through a computer system via two interfaces - the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and now an Interactive Response Web-Based System (IWR).

In certain instances, IVR can be extremely cost effective and can efficiently handle higher volumes of peaky calls than live agents.

Deployment options

Hosted IVR Services

We provide a choice of hosted IVR services and Speech Recognition options, and the sophisticated data capture and integration processes which many hosted IVR solutions require. Our hosted IVR services can be used for both strategic and tactical deployments where, for example, use of live agents may be impractical or too costly.

Importantly, the customers who take advantage of our hosted IVR services operate with the knowledge that ICR has passed stringent checks on its data and physical security environments by a number of our financial services clients and third party IT security auditors.


ICR will design and build high-quality applications for your existing on-premise IVR and Speech Recognition platform, or provide a complete integrated turnkey platform and application solution working in tandem with a range of technology partners.

  • 100% VoiceXML compliant
  • Comprehensive CCXML call control
  • Flexible SIP-based telephony
  • Full W3C standards support
  • Audio prompt and Text-To-Speech (TTS) support
  • Inbound and outbound IVR
  • Built-in conferencing
  • Built-in call recording
  • More than 10-times the performance of other standards-based IVR and VRU platforms
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing server count, installation complexity and ongoing maintenance
  • Full-featured Provisioning API
  • Web-based application and report management, real-time logger and debugger
Examples of usage
  • Capture names / address / telephone numbers - brochure lines / ticket lines
  • Provide detailed information - product information / financial information
  • Credit card orders - promote products and capture payment details
  • PCI compliance - to enable secure processing and storage of credit card details
  • Medical results lines - enter passwords to receive confidential information
  • Route customer calls by pushing 1 / 2 / 3 on the telephone keypad - switchboard system


Personalized IVR menu

A leading provider of parcel delivery services worldwide found out that IVR’s needn’t be static when using Adfruits for Service with IVR. Depending on the status of a customer’s parcel, the IVR options and message dynamically change.

Zero agent touch

A major petro-chemical company uses Adfruits for Service with IVR to simplify its global supply chain to gas stations. Managers call up, enter the reading and Adfruits for Service with IVR writes the reading back into their Salesforce® instance – with zero agent touch.

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