2-Way SMS

Let your contacts respond... wherever they are.

2-WAY SMS is a messaging solution that provides its users with distribution and access to information capabilities via an affordable wireless platform. It allows customers to respond to your offers and services without having to take the time to have a phone call, along with giving them another way for them to contact you.

Benefit from 2-Way SMS

We have seen 2-Way SMS benefit a number of businesses, from large scale multinationals to smaller franchisees and sole traders, all driven by the same goal – engagement.

Boost customer interactions

Gather information from your customers instantly through marketing campaigns, surveys, contests, and promotions.


Set-up and process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords. Your keywords can be used to set up triggers to file and sort message replies, all dependent on your business needs..

Sales Competitions & Promotions

2-Way SMS allows you to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all via one platform.

CRM Integration

Running a reminder service or CRM for your business? Use 2-Way SMS to integrate and schedule messaging, set up appointment reminders and automated responses via Email-to-SMS.

All in One Location

Have all reply messages forwarded directly to your email inbox or CRM of choice. Here you will be able to reply to individual messages, burst send to larger groups or follow up with calls if required.

Real Time

No delays or interruptions have your inbound messages received in real time, allowing you to follow-up and respond instantly.

Practical Uses of 2-Way SMS

Transaction Verification

Add enterprise security by sending online transaction verifications directly to your customer's mobile.

Surveys and Polling

Whether you’re running election campaigns or gathering product feedback, text messaging is the most instant, effective, and cost efficient way of collecting large scale user data.

Text Message Autoresponder

Setup auto-replies to incoming SMS text messages to ensure that you’re always engaged with customers 24/7.

Product Feedback

Get feedback from your customers instantly through text messages. Capture customer phone numbers and analytics, built-in delivery reports and maximize your ROI.

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